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OUIAA – Indonesia Branch Launched Talent Scouting and Alumni Webinar Series

Okayama University International Alumni Association held a virtual meeting on Saturday, May 28, 2022. In this event, twenty five Indonesian alumni living in Indonesia and overseas gathered virtually and discussed about future plan for the OUIAA – Indonesia Branch. The virtual meeting consisted of three sessions, viz. motivational lecture from senior alumnus, introduction of the OUIAA – Indonesia Branch committees, and discussion.

Motivational lecture was given by Ir. Sutrisno Iwantono, MA, PhD, alumnus 1985-1991. He shared his experience how to get a scholarship and then succeed after graduated from Okayama University. Later on, director of the OUIAA – Indonesia Branch, Syaefudin Suminto, PhD, launched two programs: Alumni Webinar Series and Talent Scouting. Alumni Webinar Series will encourages a strong connection and collaboration among alumni. In addition, this program will allow alumni to constantly expand their specialist and professional network. Meanwhile, Talent Scouting will promote Okayama University as one of the destination place to study in Japan. In collaboration with other partners, OUIAA – Indonesia Branch will help students from Indonesia to prepare themselves in continuing their study at Okayama University, Japan.

In the discussion session, most of the alumni shared their experiences and their hopes for the OUIAA – Indonesia Branch future. A warm and lively discussion make all of the alumni enjoy this event. In June 25th, 2022, there will be the first Alumni Webinar Series. In this webinar, a fresh graduated alumnus, Aprilia Nur Fitrianti, PhD will share her research experience with a title “Endogenous suppressor in Arabidopsis thaliana plays a role in the trade-off between growth and defense”. (/Syaefudin)


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