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OUIAA held Finding Okayama Karuta Event 

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) held the Finding Okayama Karuta Event in the WAWA Room of the International Department, Okayama University Tsushima Campus. Five international students from Indonesia, Malawi, Nigeria, China, Trinidad and Tobago and, one Japanese student volunteer participated in the event. The OUIAA staff looked after the preparations and hosted the event.  


The purpose of the “Finding Okayama Karuta” event was to encourage and promote the culture of Okayama Prefecture. Those who do not know Okayama’s culture can discover it, and those who have a connection with it can rediscover it. The Finding Okayama Karuta event was a lively experience that transcended nationalities, deepening the understanding of Okayama’s culture and friendship among the international students. 


Okayama University International Alumni Association will continue to hold international exchange events to promote networking and information exchange among international students from the time they are enrolled at the university. We look forward to the participation of all the current students in our future activities.

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