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Greeting OUIAA – Indonesia 2022

Dear graduates of Okayama University from Indonesia,

As of March 2022, the Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA)
– Indonesia Branch has officially changed. As the new Director of OUIAA – Indonesia
Branch, I am very grateful for the hard work of the previous committee led by Assoc.
Prof. Andi Salamah. We will always need the help and assistance of the former
committee to make upcoming agendas successful.

With the OUIAA – Indonesia Branch, we are creating a network that enables you to stay
in touch with your alma mater after you have completed your studies.

In the first year of stewardship, we have two main programs:

1. Alumni Webinar Series

This program will promote Okayama University alumni. Apart from being a means of
disseminating the research findings, knowledge, and experiences of alumni, this
program also encourages a strong connection and collaboration among alumni on their
respective competencies. Finally, this program will allow alumni to constantly expand
their specialist and professional network.

2. Talent Scouting

This program targets senior high school and university alumni (undergraduate/master)
in Indonesia who have a strong desire to continue their studies abroad. Talent Scouting
aims to help participants improve their readiness to study the chosen program
(undergraduate or postgraduate program) at Okayama University, Japan.

Both programs, of course, could not be executed without the involvement and support
of all alumni. We are always open to receiving suggestions and input for the
improvement of the program in the future. Finally, we would like to thank the OUIAA
Secretariat for the unending support. I believe that we can still improve cooperation in
the future to bring about better prosperity and harmonious relations between Indonesia
and Japan.


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