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Information About Mandalay Branch

OUIAA certified that Mandalay Branch had been established on August
19,2018. Some activities were carried out in Mandalay as Mandalay branch of OUIAA.
-Branch meeting with representatives of alumni members, – Sharing of academic information between members and future activities based on research knowledge obtained from Okayama Universities.
– Support the trainees who returned from Okayama Universities to register
for members of OUIAA
– Support the participation of members in test administrative committee
of Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted in Mandalay
– Assist the academicians and researchers form Mandalay for study at
Okayama Universities

There was no special activities during COVID 19 period .Representative
members of Mandalay branch attended 11th general meeting of OUIAA on
December 10,2021 via zoom meeting.
For future, to promote friendship and exchange knowledge within alumni members internationally by engaging in the World map of OUIAA .
To continue support of alumni members to participate in meeting for dissemination of knowledge of experience between members and further activities ,research and publications.
To assist membership application of alumni
To provide academicians and researchers for study at Okayama Universities
as their respective fields other activities for development of branch activities.

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