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The 11th General Meeting of Okayama University International Alumni Association was held online

In consideration of the impact of the COVID-19, the Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA), which had celebrated 10th anniversary this year, held the 11th General Assembly online on Friday, December 10, 2021.


Following the opening address by Dr. Myo Khin, President of the OUIAA, Dr. Hirofumi MAKINO, President of Okayama University, gave a welcome speech. We also received greetings from Mr. Keiichi KONAGA, President of Okayama University Alumni Association, and Mr. Masumi OKA, the initial advisor of the International Alumni Association, as guests of honor.


In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the OUIAA this year, we showed a video created by the international student staff who have been involved in the management of the OUIAA. After that, Assoc. Prof. Kim Hye-Sook, Publicity Relations Executive of the Association, gave a presentation on the 10-year history and way forward. In addition, Dr. He Feifang, a special overseas professor of Okayama University and the director of the East China Branch, gave a speech hoping to meet again in Okayama when the COVID-19 is under control.


Prior to the General Meeting, the Information Exchange Meeting between alumni and current students was held on Thursday, December 8th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Association. 7 Branches and Communication Bases (Afghanistan Communication Base, Vietnam Branch, China Joint Branch, Laos Branch, Indonesia Branch, Egypt Joint Branch, and Dhaka Branch) participated in the event. Approximately 90 alumni and current students attended the meeting and enjoyed it in a smiling atmosphere.


In the General Assembly, the Vietnam Branch (Dr. Duong Thanh Hai, Vice Director of the Vietnam Branch), the China Joint Branch (Ms. Xu Han, a member of the Shanghai Branch), the Indonesia Branch (Ms. Peni Astrini Notodarmojo, a current student of Indonesia), and the Dhaka Branch (Dr. Harunor Rashid Khan, Director of the Dhaka Branch) reported the results of their discussions on future alumni association activities.


After a summary report on the status of the university by Prof. Takayoshi SUZUKI, Vice President for International Affairs, the General Assembly was closed by Prof. Hiroaki FUNAHASHI, Executive Director for Academic Affairs and Provost of Okayama University.


Throughout the event, many OUIAA members participated from various countries. With the great contribution of the current international students at Okayama University, the connection between alumni and current students were strengthened. In addition, we had a lively exchange of information and opinions that will lead to a new era of International Alumni Association activities, and further strengthen our network.


*Attended branches (10 branches, 16 members)

Shanghai Branch (3), Changchun Branch (1), Dhaka Branch (2), China East China Branch (1), Beijing Branch (1), Myanmar Branch (1), Mandalay Branch(4), Vietnam Branch(1), Indonesia Branch(1), Busan Branch (1).


※Total number of attendees: about 37 (including guests and people from Okayama University)

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