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The 9th General Meeting of Okayama University International Alumni Association(OUIAA)

The 9th General Meeting of OUIAA was held on Friday, October 25 at the Okayama University South Facility for Student Welfare (Peach Union) .

Dr. Hirofumi Makino, the President of Okayama University, and Mr. Keiichi Konaga, the Chair of Alumni Okayama University, gave us a short speech at the beginning of the General Meeting.We deliberated on the draft of the amendments to the rules of OUIAA and also the election of members of the Executives. After the careful discussion, each agenda was approved. Dr. Myo Khin, the Director of Myanmar Branch, was elected as a new Chairperson of OUIAA.

An information exchange session was followed after the General Meeting. About 45 people including the members of OUIAA, faculty members and the former faculty members attended the session. They made the best use of this opportunity to exchange information and opinion.

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