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Top Page >> News & Events >> 「夏期」卒業留学生フェアウェルパーティー(Farewell Party)
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「夏期」卒業留学生フェアウェルパーティー(Farewell Party)

 この開催趣旨と目的は、岡山大学を卒業・修了する留学生に対して、留学生関係教員、先輩留学生、日本人学生、留学生支援ボランティア等との交流・懇談の機会を設け、岡山大学での留学生活を労うためのもので、当日は、国際同窓会会、グローバル・パートナーズ及び、卒業・修了留学生(56人)、日本人学生( 12人)、その他留学生 (37人)の総計約137人の参加がありました。
 当会は、桑の木寮談話室会で行われ、最初に、留学生支援ボランティアWAWAの西村さんの開会挨拶があり、WAWA 片山さんの乾杯ご発声と続き、次に、国際同窓会会長の張紅先生から国際同窓会の説明と同窓会入会案内を兼ねた挨拶がありました。因みに、国際同窓会会員として30名の方に入会手続きをいただきました。

 A farewell party was held on Friday, July 20th for the exchange students graduating from Okayama University the summer. The party was sponsored by WAWA, the student volunteer group that supports exchange students.
 The event was intended for the teachers, friends, and Japanese students to have one more chance to meet graduating international students and departing exchange students. It was also a way to thank and celebrate all the international students for their friendships and contributions at Okayama University. The event was attended by 137 people, including International Alumni Association and Global Partners staff, departing students (56), continuing international students (37), and Japanese students (12).
 The event, held at the dormitory, started with an opening remarks and a toast by WAWA’s Nishimura and Katayama, respectively. International Alumni president, Professor Zhang Hong, then gave a greeting and explained the International Alumni Association. Thirty students joined the association.
 The members enjoyed mingling and chatting and the event was closed with a greeting by Okumura from WAWA.