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Establishment of Chile Branch

The inaugural ceremony for the establishment of Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) Chile Branch was held at University Finis Terrae in Santiago on August 12, 2016.

The ceremony was attended by the Japanese Ambassador in Chile, Mr. Naoto Nikai, the Cultural Attache of the Japanese Embassy, Ms. Emiko Yamaguchi, the President of Okayama University, Mr. Kiyoshi Morita, the President of Finis Terrae University, Mr. Cristian Nazer, the Director of International Relations ,the President of OUIAA, the Dean of Faculty of Dentistry (Okayama and Finis Terrae University), Deans from other Faculties, the JICA representative for Chile , the President of the Chile Dental Association, the Chairman of OUIAA Chile Branch along with students.

During the ceremony, Mr. Kiyoshi Morita, President of Okayama University (OU), said that one of the main purposes of the OU is to globalize the Institution so they are doing many agreements with different Universities around the world. In this occasion, Chile, is the number 50 in the world and the second country in Latin America.

The Ambassador pointed out that the establishment of a branch in Chile was a very good opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries.

In his speeches both the President and the Director of International Relations of the University Finis Ferrae highlighted the relevance of the agreement because it facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two institutions.

Finally, the Chairman of OUIAA Chile Branch dr. Luis Felipe Jimenez said the establishment of the branch in Chile is of special significance in the relations between Chile and Japan, soon will be 120 years, since through education and knowledge of cultures relations of friendship and cooperation are founded.

A power point presentation showing different pictures of Japanese students life in Chile and Chilean students life in Okayama were projected at the end of the ceremony.

The establishment ceremony was closed after having a group photo as a witness of this meaningful occasion. Then, all the participants in the ceremony were invited to a cocktail in the roof patio of the University.