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カンボジア支部長 セット・セン

 岡山大学国際同窓会カンボジア支部は、2015年12月23日、カンボジア・プノンペンで設立されました。設立大会は岡山大学協力のもとカンボジア国立教育大学(NIE)が企画・実施し、Hang Chuon Naronカンボジア教育大臣が来賓として出席されました。当日は岡山大学、日本大使館、王立プノンペン大学、環境省等からも来賓が多数出席、カンボジア同窓生と合わせて25名の出席者が支部設立を祝いました。



 設立大会の最後に、Hang Chuon Naronカンボジア教育大臣が、今回の支部設立が日本カンボジア間の教育等の分野での新たな協力関係構築につながると祝詞を述べました。また、日本政府に対し、多くのカンボジア学生に奨学金を支給して日本で学ぶ機会を与えてくれることに感謝を述べました。そして国際同窓会のネットワークをとおして、カンボジアの学生と研究者が知識と技術を高め、カンボジアの人材の核とだろうと述べました。最後に、日本大使館の奨学金支援によって、より多くのカンボジア留学生が岡山大学で学ぶことができるようになるだろうと期待を寄せました。Hang Chuon Naron大臣は正式に支部設立を宣言し、挨拶を終えました。


<Establishment of OUIAA-Cambodian Brach>

 Base on the Globalization Policy of the Okayama University, another Branch of the Okayama University International Alumni Accociation (OUIAA) was established successfully in Cambodia on 23th December, 2015. The ceremony was organized by the National Institute of Education (NIE) cooperated with the Okayama University. The establishment was held in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, with honorable participation from His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, the minister of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) of Cambodia, as well as the participantion of other distinguished guesses from various and relevant institutions such as Okayama University, Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, MoEYS, NIE, Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and Ministry of Environment, together with all Cambodian alumni who graduated from Okayama University, totally 25 people.

 The establishment ceremony was conducted at the following program:

  1. The brief Introduction to the program
  2. Giving a respect to Cambodian National Anthem
  3. Welcome remarks by H.E Dr. SiengSovanna, Director of NIE and President of OUIAA-Cambodia.
  4. Remark by Dr. Zhang Hong, the Chairperson of OUIAA.
  5. Remark by Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, the president of Okayama University.
  6. Remark by Mr. TSUGAWA TAKAHISA, Minister of Japanese Embassy in Cambodia
  7. OUIAA Opening Remark by H.E Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of MoEYS and closing ceremony
  8. Group Photos
  9. Dinner (Buffet)

 After the Cambodian National Anthem, His Excellency Dr. Sieng Sovanna, the director of the NIE and the President of OUIAA-Cambodian Branch provided his welcome speech to the Okayama University delegations and all participants by introducing all Cambodian alumni members and the branch structure. He also addressed that the establishment of the OUIAA-Cambodian Branch would bring a lot of opportunities to the former Cambodian students who graduated from the Okayama University to work together, as well as with the Okayama University in terms of human resource development in Cambodia.

 With the regards to this ceremony, Dr. Zhang Hong, the Chairperson of OUIAA also provided her speech to express a congratulation that the OUIAA-Cambodian Branch was finally established successfully. She also said that she is looking forward to seeing the various and fruitful cooperation and activities between OUIAA-Japan and OUIAA-Cambodian Branch in the near future.

 At the mean time, Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, the president of Okayama University also addressed his congratulation to the Cambodian former Okayama University students that could establish this useful alumni association branch in Cambodia. He said, Cambodia is a 46th branch of OUIAA. He also showed strong confidence that this association branch would bring more opportunities to all Cambodian former Okyama students to build up their strong network with the Okayama University, as well as with the Okayama University alumni in other countries around the world.

 After the speech of Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, the president of Okayama University, Mr. Tsugawa Takahisa, Minister of Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, also provided a remark in this establishment ceremony. Adding with his congratulation to the establishment of OUIAA-Cambodia Branch, he emphasized that Japan have been supporting the Cambodian government in several sectors through many projects and activities aiming in both technical and grand budget to improve the quality of human resources in Cambodia. This alumni association is another opportunity for Cambodian members to work cooperatively with the Okayama University of Japan, as well as with other countries to exchange experiences, knowledge and skills and to become key persons for the development of Cambodia.

 At the end of the ceremony, H.E Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of MoEYS of Cambodia addressed his sincere appreciation and congratulation for the establishment of the OUIAA branched in Cambodia. He explained that this could be another indication of the good cooperation between Japan and Cambodia on the educational field, as well as other fields. He also expressed great thanks to the Japanese government that always provide many scholarships in many fields and in all degrees to Cambodian students to study in Japan so far. Moreover, Japan has currently several projects running in Cambodia aiming to develop the quality human resources of Cambodia. He also showed his strong confidence that through this OUIAA network, Cambodian students and scholars could expand their knowledge and skills through the exchange program or others to become key resources of Cambodia. Finally, he also suggested to Japan through the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, especially Okayama University to continue providing scholarship to Cambodian students and hopefully the number of Cambodian students getting scholarships in Okayama University will be increased gradually. At the end of his speech, His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, officially declared OUIAA-Cambodian Branch in front all the participants in the ceremony.

 The establishment ceremony was closed after having a group photo as a witness of this meaningful occasion. Then, all the participants in the ceremony were invited to have dinner together and to discuss more individually with a happy and friendly environment.