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Report of the Establishment Ceremony of North China Branch

The establishment ceremony of Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) Huabei branch was held on a grand scale at Inner Mongolia Hohhot Binyue Hotel on the evening of August 12, 2014. The hall was filled with about thirty people, such as honored guests from Okayama University, and the alumni working in the The Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The honored guests were introduced by Mr. Du fulin. The international conference was officially began on 6:30.

Next, Mr. Shuangquan, professor of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, introduced its organization and persons in charge of each section of the branch, then he also described the process of establishing the branch and his view regarding the future activity plan. Thereafter, Kiyoshi Morita in the alam mater made a speech with warm applause. First of all, he introduced the history of Okayama University, expounded the conception of the internationalization of Okayama University since his succession of the president. In addition, he recommended the information about the establishment of Okayama University International Alumni Association branch from around the world. Finally, the headmaster elaborated the attraction which aimed to enhance the visibility of Okayama University with their positive efforts.

And then, the Chairman of Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA), professor Zhanghong, showed her congratulations on the establishment of the Okayama University International Alumni Association (OUIAA) Huabei branch, and introduced the situation that the Okayama University was ahead of the international from the angle of the increasing numbers of students and the diversification of the country. In the end, she conveyed his wish that the alumnus’ using this international platform to carry out extensive exchanges would increase the number of members and published the latest achievements.

Next, Tana, professor of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University made a speech On behalf the branch members. She recalled the situations of the life about the students from Okayama University, She was so proud to say that the valuable knowledge was acquired during the process of learning and the research. We could be aware of her gratitude to the alma mater teachers from her words and expressions. All the participants took a group photo at 19:00 followed by the celebration of the vice president of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, professor Wang linhe, on behalf of all the alumni from Inner Mongolia, at this moment, the conference reached a climax. All attendants enjoyed pleasant conversation and a dinner party was filled with joy. The communication sounds and laughter among the teachers, students and the alumni resounded through the hall.

Just like that, the conference which lasted nearly three hours went away before we knew it. By 9:00, the Chairman of Okayama University International Alumni Association(OUIAA),professor Zhanghong, expressed her warmest acknowledgement that this ceremony had been completed successfully. Meanwhile She wished all the members the best of health and success, also encouraged branch members to carry out new contributions for a better China-Japan friendship, at the same time the conference was approaching the end.