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Top Page >> News & Events >> 第4回 岡山大学国際同窓会総会並びにミニシンポジウム開催のお知らせ
News & Events ニュース & イベント
第4回 岡山大学国際同窓会総会並びにミニシンポジウム開催のお知らせ

■第4回 岡山大学国際同窓会総会&ミニシンポジウムを開催いたします!


  • 日 時: 2014年10月17日(金)13:30 〜 18:00
  • 場 所: 岡山大学 国際交流会館ラウンジ棟
  • 参加費: 無料
  • 申込み: 参加希望の方は、国際同窓会事務室(松澤)までメールして下さい。


We would like to inform you that Okayama University international Alumni Association(OUIAA) will hold the 4th General Assembly and an International Symposium as mentioned in the following.

In accordance with the directives of Okayama University President, OUIAA has planned to establish 50 branches or contact offices all around the world. We currently have 16 branches(established in order of Shanghai, Korea, Changchun, Vietnam, Taiwan, Tokyo, Bangladesh, Kaohsiung, Southern China, South West China, Central China, Pusan, Beijing, Dalian, Egypt and Taichung) and we are establishing North West China branch(8/11), North China branch(8/14), Myanmar branch(8/19) and Indonesia branch(8/21) this year.

On the day of International Symposium, we have also invited the representative of each branch. So you can communicate with them and exchange information about your study and research. The representatives of local companies in Okayama will also attend this meeting, so you will be able to mingle with them and gather information on recruitment opportunities and so on. Please bring your friends to this event and enjoy the refreshment. There will be tea and cookies for you to enjoy the symposium! We are sure, this opportunity will be beneficial to your study and employment.

Detailed information of International Symposium is as follows;

  • Time & Date: 13:30-18:00, October 17(Fri), 2014
  • Place   : International House, Okayama University
  • Adomission : Free
  • Application: Contact to our secretariat below by September 30.
             OUIAA Secretariat (Ms.Matsuzawa)

We are looking forward to your participation!